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Pterocarpus Leaves Drugs Magh and Stomach Most Snipers

Pterocarpus Leaves Drugs Magh and Stomach Most Snipers

Pterocarpus Leaves drugs Magh and stomach most snipers; According to the Bahasa Indonesia dictionary Angsana/Pterocarpus or Sonokembang is a tree or plant, high up to 40 m, the wood is beautifully coloured, durable and strong, very well-liked in the manufacture of furniture and as a wooden building, the bark is utilized For the drug, the flower is yellow and smells fragrant (Pterocarpus indica).

From the notion of Pterocarpus above among them Pterocarpus skin can be utilized for the drug, as a cure for canker sores. But here the Admin will explain in detail about the leaves of the Pterocarpus tree. Pterocarpus Leaves or in Latin is called Pterocarpus indicus turns to be able to treat a wide range of diseases such as the drug Magh and stomach acid disease.

Pterocarpus Leaves atau dalam bahasa latin disebut Pterocarpus indicus ternyata dapat mengobati berbagai macam penyakit diantaranya sebagai obat penyakit Magh dan Asam Lambung.

Pterocarpus Leaves Drugs Magh and Stomach Most Snipers


Pterocarpus Leaves drugs Magh and stomach most snipers; A few days ago my wife complained because of the pain of Magh and his hull acid rising, then we called midwife, but after being treated by the midwife there has not also been a change, until it was finally in reference to the hospital to get medical treatment, But after returning from the hospital, my wife again complained, she said it was still sick and hot on her hull.

Day after day the disease of Magh and stomach on my wife is getting worse, I twist the brain in response to such serious things. I am reminded of my mother's words "if it hurts Magh or stomach obatilah with Pterocarpus Leaves". Well from the words of my mother that I think it's not her fault to try the Pterocarpus Leaves the drugs Magh and stomach most snipers.

The next day I searched for angsana trees to pluck the leaves that are still fresh and green. I took the leaves of the angsana tree until one plastic bag, I think at least enough to be consumed in three days. In short the story of the Pterocarpus leaves I squeeze with a glass of ripe water and the Pterocarpus Leavesnya as much as two stalks, the water begins to change with the treatment of Pterocarpus leaves, at first the clear color of the water turns into concentrated green, slippery and almost Similar to grass jelly leaf.

After the Pterocarpus Leaves are squeezed and filtered, I give to my wife. My wife immediately drank her, after a few minutes my wife said "Kok my stomach is not sore and not hot anymore?". Well depart from it I am confident that Pterocarpus Leaves can be consumed as a remedy for the disease Magh and sour stomach of my wife. From that experience my wife drank the Pterocarpus Leaves twice a day, and many experienced changes in the better direction.

How to process Pterocarpus Leaves Drug Magh and Stomach Most Snipers

  • Pterocarpus Leaves as many as two stalks
  • One glass mineral water

  • Glass
  • Filter
  • Bowl

Processing process
  • Pour mineral water into a bowl
  • Insert two sprigs of Pterocarpus Leaves into a bowl
  • Clear the Pterocarpus Leaves to be crushed and blend with the mineral water
  • Strain the squeezed Pterocarpus Leaves, and pour it into a glass
  • Drink Pterocarpus Leaves twice a day (day and night)

From the experience of the above Pterocarpus Leaves drugs Magh and stomach the most surefire I believe that the treatment of Pterocarpus Leaves can treat diseases of magh and stomach acid, it is evidenced by the experience of my wife who is now the distribution to continue Routinely drink Pterocarpus Leaves. Merely the information that Pterocarpus Leaves not only as a drug magh and sour stomach, but can also be as a medicine of kidney stones, diarrhea, appendicitis, shortness of breath, constipation, antidote to toxins, preventing cancer, and treating fever. Baca juga artikel lainnya 10 Herbal Beauty in The Kitchen

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